Redeem World of Warships prizes by typing in the bonus code on the back of this Gigabyte Display card!
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Type in the Serial code on the back of this Display Card and press “Redeem” to receive a World of Warships Bonus/Invite Code.

Enter the Serial Code on the back of this product (“/” Omitted)

To redeem Bonus Codes, please refer to  http://worldoftanks.asia/bonus

To redeem Invite Codes, please refer to http://worldoftanks.asia/invite



  • Newcomer’s Gift:
    • Marblehead Premium ship + Slot
    • 500 Doubloon
    • Economy-Boosting Signal Flags (10 each)
  • Veteran’s Bonus:
    • 500 Doubloon


  • Newcomer’s Gift:
    • Mikasa Premium Ship + Slot
    • 300 Doubloon
    • Economy-Boosting Signal Flags (10 each)
  • Veteran’s Bonus:
    • 250 Doubloon


  • Newcomer’s Gift:
    • Tachibana Premium Ship + Slot
    • Economy-Boosting Signal Flags (10 each)
  • Veteran’s Bonus:
    • Economy-Boosting Signal Flags (10 each)
New players will receive upon registration:
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Win on the starting line! Using the “Newcomer’s Gift” Invite Code upon registration (Invitation Code tutorial) of a new World of Warships account will reward the aforementioned contents, worth more than 30 USD in value.

Veteran’s Gift
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“Veteran’s Bonus” Bonus Code can be redeemed by new players and veterans alike to receive aforementioned rewards.

Rules and Regulations:
  1. Newcomer’s Gift codes are limited to 1-time redemption and may be used only upon registration of a new World of Warships account. Each account may only redeem up to 3 codes from this event.
  2. All codes are limited to World of Warships Asia Server use only. Codes are valid until 2016/12/31.
  3. GIGA-BYTE Technology Co., Ltd. products are available in the following regions: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Philippines.
  4. All codes are valid for redemption from 2015/11/10 to 2016/12/31.
  5. GIGA-BYTE Technology Co., Ltd. And Wargaming Asia reserve the right of final decision.